How Dan Bell* uses your body for his installations

‘Impossible Objects’

‘Impossible Objects’


‘For Bell, whose sculptural practice is installation-based, this relationship between time and jewellery can be a complex one.

For example, an installation as part of the Utopian Slumps gallery’s show, Impossible Objects I, in 2011, featured 365 necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings, one for every day of the year. “The idea was to wear them throughout the year, almost single-use only, and clock its use and dispersal," he says.

Complicating this simple arrangement was the fact that each individual piece was available for purchase. Investors could buy the entire work, either to wear in a calendar arrangement as Bell intended or for display as an entity,– but only if art patrons didn’t buy a ring or necklace from the work first.’

*Dan Bell now goes by the name Debris Facility and uses they/their pronouns.

Read ‘How Dan Bell uses your body for his installations’, first published in The Australian Financial Review, here.